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Liguria Travel Destination Guide

Liguria: From The Gulf of Poets to the Magical Cinque Terre Villages

If you are ready to discover one of the most exciting tours to Italy, then Liguria must be one of your choices. The amazing region of Liguria is simply Italy’s base of the best beaches present in the country.

Bordering with France as well as other Italian areas such as Piedmont and Tuscany to the South, Liguria is simply the most well positioned regions in Italy that offers the very best.

Genoa Private Tour – The Proud City in All Its Glory

Genoa is the capital of Liguria. It is one of the most remarkable and historic cities of Italy offering a diversity of modern and old areas. Genoa is also a city which is inscribed by UNESCO as another World Heritage Site in Italy, and apart of its rich history, it is a thoroughly modern city with vibrant urban lifestyle.

The tours to Genoa include a whole set of activities such seeing the ruins of the walls to San Lorenzo Cathedral, the Old Town of Genoa, the seaside district of Boccadessa, the Doge’s Palace and the ancient cemetery – all remarkable and unique on their own.

Cinque Terre Private Tour – The Colorful Italian Landmark

You may have seen the most dreamy place you may imagine on many pictures and videos. The colorful architecture, the hillside houses all with different colors and the beach just under its lying – yes, its Cinque Terre, and it is a part of a group of small lands labeled as the ‘five lands’. Tours to Cinque Terre are nowadays the most popular choices for many travelers, since this place is another heritage of UNESCO, along with its other ‘Five Lands’ spectacular cities – Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore – all under the heritage of UNESCO and each of them with a special hillside architecture precariously perched on the cliffs and with different colors.

Portofino Private Tour – A Celebrity Getaway

Similar to the style of ‘The Five Lands’ yet unique on its own, Portofino remains a top holiday destination for many celebrities. Also considered as the most unique and heavenly place on Earth, Portofino takes the colorful approach however redefines it with a marina (port) filled with yachts from celebrities. Therefore, choosing the best from the tours to Portofino is a must – just as the colorful and lively spirit of this town is, remarkable in the most delicate way.

Private Tour to Alassio

The water lilies, fountains playing into pounds, the terracotta rooftops and poetic benches in the cypresses – are all a part of the tours to Alassio, one of the most inspiring places in Liguria. Alassio is a place worth discovering and close to Nice, Cannes and Antibes. Ideal as a holiday getaway or a weekend tours setting, the luxury in Alassio will never fail to satisfy your needs.

Private Tour to Lerici and The Gulf Of Poets

The city of Lerici is romance in its pure form. Therefore, whatever type of romance is in you, you should visit the most popular tours to Lerici and The Gulf of Poets to discover it. The small harbor of Lerici has a seaside walk that spreads from the ancient Lerici Castle to the Castle of Terenzo and a bit beyond, which forms the Gulf of Poets in Lerici, a place once known for the best poets and prose writers in the country.

Tours to Sanremo – The Italian Riviera in its northern light

Located at approximately 55 kilometers from the airport in Nice, Sanremo is a real pearl on the Ligurian sea coast. Sanremo is known for the annual Music Festival held in February every year, but also for its jazz festivals and other outdoor ones during the summer. The popular luxury tours to Sanremo include visits to the medieval area known as La Pigna, shopping luxury tours as well as the food and wine tasting tours in a cultural atmosphere.

Tours to Castelbianco

Castelbianco also has the obvious coastal charms which all the coastal places in Liguria share. But apart from that, the province of Castelbianco is proud to have a wonderful interior with luxury villas in the mountainous regions and natural delights of the whole landscape. Liguria is the most spirituous, unique and lively on its own in Italy, and considered as a must for every modern hedonist.

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