Piedmont & Aosta

Piedmont Travel Destination Guide

Piedmont & Aosta Valley: Located at the foot of the Alps

Piedmont is also known as Piemonte, named after its geographic location which is at the feet of the mountains. An interesting fact for this region is that it has no coasts and therefore no beaches; however the mountains add up to its beauty and protect it from bad weather. The tours to Piedmont include Food and Wine Tours in Langhe and Asti-Monferrato, Thermal tours in natural water in Acqui Terme with a variety of options to relax and take medical cure for injuries or respiratory problems. Also, Piedmont has fewer of the Alps, which means that if you are looking for an agricultural tours in Italy combined with winter sports, Piedmont is the perfect region for you.

Tours to Turin

Turin is a small town with an amazing uplifting and unforgettable experience. The city of Turin is known for its fascinating history as well as vast culture, including the attacks in 218 BC and the arrival of the Romans in recovering the city from the breaks. Tours to Turin include visits to the Mole Antonelliana (named after the architect Alessandro Antonelli), the Turin Cathedral, the Museo Egizio and many more sightseeing activities in Turin.

Turin is also known for the football club Juventus which originates from this city and is one of the clubs with most trophies in Italy as well as the world of football.

Tours to Val di Susa – The Skiing Valley

Val di Susa is a valley which is located to the west of Piedmont in the province of Turin. With over 53 resorts for skiing activities, Piedmont is also known as the skiing region – open for every skiing fanatic and supporting all styles of skiing. Therefore, Sports and Adventure tours in Piedmont and Val di Susa include Skiing, Mountaineering, Hiking, Cross-country and Snowboarding. The Alps are known for their hills and speedy slopes, making the skiing tours to Val di Susa extremely great for advanced and expert skiers.

Food and Wine Tours in Piedmont

Piedmont is also known for its production of wine and the amazing culinary taste. In fact, the cooking tours in Piedmonte speak for the tradition of this region which has cultivated rice to cook it in various ways, from which the famous Risotto All’anatra (rice with mushrooms) dish comes from, as well as Risotto con Gamberetti (rice with shrimps) and Riso con Verdure (rice with vegetables).

The wine tours in Piedmont are yet another lustful experience to have in Italy. Apart from Tuscany, the leading wine provider in Italy, the wine tours in Piedmont are also impressive traditional experience.

Tours to Asti-Monferrato area

The province of Asti is actually lying in the heart of the Piedmont region and bordering Liguria in the sourch. It is known for its hilly territory stretches to Monferrato and the Langa Astigiana, bordered by the Tanaro river. The hills and valleys define a peaceful atmosphere and natural beauty at its best.

Also, the Asti-Monferrato area is known for the amazing wine tasting tours and home of the Asti Spumante (sparkling wine) which is exported to all around the world from there. Additional private tours include the names of the special reserves in Asti as the Special Natural Reserve of the Andona, Botto and Grande Valleys, and the unique WWF Oasis of Forteto della Luja.

Wine tours in Alba and Langhe

There are many popular wine tours and experiences in the Alba and Langhe areas. While the Langhe area is gentle and enchanting, alba is more rug and wild. However, they never fail to deliver the wine in its purest Italian form. The wine tours are settled in the following places: wine tours in Barolo, wine tours in the Serralunga Castle, wine tours in Roero and Grinzane Cavour – all delivering the best Reds and original Italian wines.

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