The Importance of IATA Accredited Travel Agent

There are approximately 60,000 travel agents worldwide who have accreditation through International Airlines Travel Agent (IATA). This accreditation allows travel agents to work closely with other organizations to provide their customers with a luxury tour package that meet their needs.

Consumer confidence is increased with an accredited IATA travel agent. Consumers understand the importance of IATA accreditation. Accredited travel agents are required to meet specific requirements to be eligible for IATA accreditation.

All IATA certified agents are reliable and meet the minimum security and financial considerations required by the accrediting agency. This means that travel agents with IATA accreditation can be trusted to provide above and beyond industry standards.

IATA agents are authorized to access various data resources for their customers. IATA agents are the industry-trusted source to help prepare and document all parts of a tour, so the tour is a success. The agents have immediate access to IATA’s system for invoicing and payments. By using the IATA clearing house, the claims transaction process can be simple and fast.

IATA accreditation is globally recognized. Vendors and customers who work with an IATA travel agent know that agent meets the industry standard for trust and security.

In addition, IATA agents can show their ID cards to obtain promotional benefits and concessionary incentives from participating members.