7 Things You Never Knew About the Northern Italy

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Traveling to Northern Italy means enjoying an enriching holiday. This region has many layers; just when you thought you’ve seen the best of the best, you’ll realize how much more you have yet to discover. Northern Italy is one of the most interesting parts of the country, with eight regions that have their own character. With specially customized northern Italy tours, you can see all of Northern Italy’s finest spots with an itinerary that best suits your preferences. Wondering what’s in store? Here are just seven of the many things that you can explore:

  1. Piedmont’s natural spectacles – Piedmont is a home to stunning landscapes and natural attractions that appeal to those with an adventurous spirit. Join unusual activities—like white truffle hunting—when you sign up for guided tours of Northern Italy.
  1. The finest collection of wines – Upgrade your wine knowledge and skills by going on luxury wine tours while you’re here. You will also get to sample the area’s famous restaurants and cafes.
  1. Adventure-filled mountains – Italy is not all about romance, arts, and history. If you want world-class skiing and other outdoor pursuits, head to the Dolomites, where you can have active holiday experiences. Your customized guided tours of Northern Italy can include a day or two on the slopes.
  1. Medieval structures – From notable castles, well-preserved squares, to old towers and churches of the medieval times, Northern Italy has it all. The region is abundant in historic places that are sure to captivate any lover of culture and history.
  1. City on Water – Venice tops the list of Northern Italy’s scenic attractions. If you’re your first time here, you shouldn’t miss a romantic gondola ride with a loved one. Do you love architecture? Then you will appreciate the 14th-century buildings and cathedrals in the town center.
  1. Hidden beauty behind Cinque Terre – While we all know the charm of Cinque Terre, many travelers are not all aware of the equally amazing architecture and vintage finds in the villages behind it, including Portofino and Rapallo.
  1. Cycling tours. Looking for something more active? Join a Northern Italy tour by bike. You will travel through Barolo’s scenic ridges and amazing landscapes to enjoy a perfect mix of action and leisure.

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