Amalfi Coast Private Tours: Exclusive Experiences

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With its endless stretch of coast and a backdrop of pastel-colored homes on cliff-side villages, the Amalfi region is well worth your time.  Be sure to visit it if you are looking for an Italian escape away from the crowds of major tourist hubs. Although the Amalfi coast tends to be crowded with tourists, there are plenty of hidden treasures for those who want to explore paths less traveled. The area is a great alternative to major towns, especially during peak months. This Amalfi coast travel guide will help you discover the best that the region has to offer, starting with the capital town of Positano.

Amalfi coast private tours typically kick off at Positano. One of the most picturesque towns in the Amalfi, this sleepy fishing village turned luxury resort is a definite must-see for those looking to experience the unique vibe of the coast. Positano is Amalfi’s cosmopolitan center, characterized by its mountainside pastel villas, chic boutiques, and splurge-worthy restaurants. Narrow streets lead all the way down the water and into a smallish but beautiful pebble beach. The Amalfi Coast is home to long stretches of beautiful beaches, ranging from intimate coves to more expansive golden sands that are perfect for beach parties and recreation.

If you are the road-tripping type, you can likewise take Amalfi Coast day tours across some of the most amazing mountain drives on the island. However, these drives are not for the inexperienced, as the winding roads often lead to sharp hairpin bends that can get dangerously close to the cliffs. If this kind of adventure isn’t your cup of tea, you can always take the more peaceful route of the heritage sites. Amalfi has its share of UNESCO recognized heritage sites, the most notable of which is Ravello, which is known for its rich cultural and historical significance.