Arrange Private Guided Tours to Sicily: The Culture Capital of Italy

Everything about Sicily exudes Mediterranean culture—from its fascinating Greek temples to its Baroque palazzos and Norman churches, all the way to the undiscovered southern beaches and coastal destinations. It is rich in natural wonders, too, with Mount Etna being one of the most impressive attractions. The mild climate makes it a good destination for most of the year, especially in spring and autumn, and throughout summer in July and August when the coastal breezes can ward off the heat. The best way to experience all that Sicily has to offer is through private guided tours.

For the discerning traveller, private guided tours to Sicily makes sense as they provide more exclusivity, privacy, and the opportunity to customize the travel itinerary to the needs and wants of the visitor. They come with a knowledgeable personal tour guide, private transfers, and stays at high-end hotels to ensure the comfort of every traveller. Arranging a private guided tour to Sicily is a good way to experience the best of the Mediterranean island’s culture, too, especially if you want to experience certain activities and see certain places that may be found off-the-beaten path.

With a reputable provider of personalized and exclusive luxury travel tours to Italy, you can have your tour around Sicily customized to your highest expectations and needs. The tour can include a wide array of exclusive and diverse travel experiences, such as private yacht cruises, seaside and beach package tours of Sicily and the surrounding islands, an exploration of the Jewish side of Sicily, and visits to Sicilian villages and towns where you could explore your heritage. Private guided tours to Sicily can include Palermo, Catania, and Messina for their art, Mount Etna if you are the adventurous type, and Castelbuono and Cefalu Mountain Area for adventures, excursions, horseback riding, wine tours, gastronomic experiences, and sports.