Beautiful Venice Tour: Guide to the Big 3 Attractions On Your Holiday

Venice, by virtue of its unique attraction will feature on the bucket list of destinations to visit. Venice is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, albeit for a while. A short stay in Venice can rejuvenate you in an amazing manner, courtesy the attractions that will never fail to impress and lift your spirits. We take you through three of the big attractions of Venice that should form a part of your itinerary.

Gondola rides through The Grand Canal and to Ponte di Rialto

A gondola ride in Venice through the Grand Canal is possibly one of the biggest highlights of the trip. The banks of the canal with the numerous restaurants and markets are the perfect setting to enjoy your holiday in Venice. One of the most stunning bridges in Venice, the Ponte di Rialto needs to be a part of the itinerary, to soak in the grandeur and the unique construction features. The San Marco Basilica is an imposing church with art that has inspired generations of visitors with its remarkable beauty.

Take an exclusive and private tour to the islands

Venice is home to some of the most famous islands, Murano, Burano, San Michele and Torcello. A private and exclusive tour to these famed islands will enlighten you to some of the best attractions. Murano, is renown to the world for its unique glassmaking, boasting of one of the best glass museums in the world. The ancient art of glass making has been the subject of great interest worldwide and a private tour to the islands will help you appreciate it from close quarters.

Venetian version of the Roman amphitheater

The Venetian version of the Roman amphitheater is one of the major attractions of Venice.  Called the Arena, it is one of the locations that should feature on your itinerary, in addition to the opportunity to get a taste of the best cuisine from some of the finest restaurants that hug the grand canal and its labyrinthine network of waterways that identifies Venice.