Calabria is the New Stunning Destination in Italy

Calabria is the New Stunning Destination in Italy

Calabria is one of the semi-hidden gems in Italy. It is not yet in the radar of most commercial tourists, but it steadily attracts discerning travelers who are keen on experiencing a more raw and authentic Italian holiday. Sign up for a Calabria Italy vacation if you want to enjoy the Jasmine Riviera up close. From Monasterace to Brancaleone, a private tour will take you deep into the region—beyond the summer attractions.

Reggio Calabria is best visited during the summer when the flowers bloom and there are many musical and cultural events. You can schedule your holiday in time for Rocella’s international jazz festival, if you wish, and enjoy the open-air concerts as well as folklore nights. But no matter what time of the year you decide to go, there’s always something to see and do.

Don’t forget to explore the small and lovely villages of Gerace, Siderno Antica, Epizephiri, Mammola, and Gioiosa Ionica during your Calabria Italy vacation. This can be included in your private tour. You can also explore the Tropea area, Scilla, and Vibo Valente if you’re interested in history and picturesque architecture.

Your private tour guide can take you to the medieval town of Gerace, where you can explore narrow medieval streets and see the famous St. Francis Church (built in 11th century AD). The marble inlaid altar is breathtaking. After lunch, you can be taken to Locri Epizephiri, a site of major archaeological ruins.

If you wish, your private guide can take you to Siderno Antica the next day. This ancient village is popular for its embroidery artisans. Do you want to see a traditional open market? Your driver can take you to Goiosa Jonica. And if you still have energy, you can explore Mammola’s historic center before the sun sets, marveling at its quaint narrow streets and amazing floral displays.

Of course, a Calabria Italy vacation will not be complete without a trip to the hilltop town of Stillo and the seaside resorts of Costa degli Dei and the historic city center of Tropea. Many other optional day tours can be included depending on your interests and your schedule.