Langhe Wine Tours are your ticket to some of Italy’s finest wines, truffles, chocolate, and beef. Piedmont in north Italy offers visitors a plethora of exciting tasting experiences, perfect for those who want a sampling of the country’s best food and wine. From the palaces and post-industrial architecture across the Piedmont capital of Turin to the spectacular hiking trails in nearby Alpine ski resorts, Piedmont has no shortage of offerings to satisfy your wanderlust.

The vineyard trails of Langhe are absolute must-sees, reason why Langhe wine tours are such sought-after tour products. Barbaresco and its Nebbiolo-lined hills are perfect for gentle walking tours, while sleepy villages like Alba and Barolo await those who want to take in some of the prettiest vineyard landscapes while getting a taste of the most sought after wines the region offers. The Langhe region also has countless wine trails and routes that will take the most adventurous tourists around and across wilder forests and groves at the foothills of the Alps.

Whether staying in local farms, small town villas, and quaint B&Bs or splurging in luxe resorts and palazzos—you’ll find Langhe wine tours to be exciting day activities. Route maps are also widely available across the region, if you want to do some DIY touring or plan your days around Langhe wine tours.

When not sipping wine and touring lush vineyards, visitors to Piedmont and the Langhe region enjoy cultural pursuits. Piedmont is home to Castello di Rivoli, which has an enviable collection of inspired artworks that are the dream of curators from across Italy and the world. Even the local contemporary art scene is sought after by art buffs from far and wide. If you aren’t that much into art and culture, head to the powdery slopes of the alps and power through high-mileage ski paths in Mota, Sestriere, Upper Susa, and the hilly towns in between.