Explore Exciting Sicily Excursions and Adventures!

Sicily, holds more surprises in store than you can actually handle. As you step out of your lodgings everyday to explore Sicily, you get to realize that Siciliy holds an unlimited store of surprises, in the form of activities and locations. If you plan to spend your vacation on an adventurous note, then Sicily will never let you down. Let us take a close look at some of the activities and locations that Sicily offers visitors with an adventurous frame of mind.

Diving in the clear blue waters off Favignana

The best instructors, combined with a great location like the island of Favignana can give you an experience that you will always wish to repeat. Don the scuba masks and get into a suit to explore the Tyrrhenian sea and check out the vibrant marine life. Nothing is quite exciting as going underwater in the clear blue waters off an island to explore the wonders of nature. The waters of the Tyrrhenian sea are absolutely safe for exploring.

Get an adrenaline rush zooming from Palermo on powerful bikes

Nothing is more thrilling than riding a powerful bike, exploring the sights at your own pace. It is just you, the bike and the locations. With a freedom to stop and pause, or vroom ahead to get that adrenaline rush, nothing quite compares to a bike.  A bike tour will throw open your eyes to the warmth of the villages of Sicily and the wonderful inhabitants. The restaurants and the accommodation offer the perfect combination of rest and gastronomic delights to end the day in style and contentment.

Pedal your way to fitness

If you are a fitness freak, then Italy has the best way to enjoy your vacation while meeting your fitness regimen. Cycle your way through the picturesque landscape and enjoy the route taken by cyclists of the Tour de France.  The choice to make it a grueling or a leisure activity is entirely yours. However, the experience will remain the same – a visually stunning and contented feeling of having seen one of the best places in Europe.