Get Ready to Enjoy Delicious Wine of Piedmont during the Grape Harvest Season

Visiting Italy sometime from September to November? Then, don’t miss this chance to go on a Piedmont wine tour. This time of the year is the perfect opportunity to visit the region because it coincides with Piedmont’s grape harvest season. During these months, fun festivals and activities happen in every corner, allowing tourist to immerse in the culture and tradition of the northwest region. Wineries and vineyards open their doors to wine enthusiasts. They won’t only let you taste their freshly harvested grapes—they will even allow you to participate in grape stomping.

Depending on your tour operator, Piedmont wine tours may include food tasting and fine dining. You will have a memorable gastronomic adventure as you try famous delicacies like Polenta, Risotto, and cheese fondue—dishes that are far different from the pizzas and tomato-based pasta sauces that you are familiar with. Your guide will tell you all about the key differences of Northern and Southern Italian cuisine, which make this country even more interesting.

Aside from the wines and local delicacies, your Piedmont wine tour will also take you on a breathtaking exploration where you will appreciate the beauty of country living. As you travel from one winery to another, you will see the picturesque hillsides, sheep paddocks, and snow-capped mountains.

The history of Piedmont is also unveiled during this amazing tour. Local guides can bring you to baroque piazzas, parks, and museums where you can enjoy an informative walking tour. If you are tired of walking and sitting in the car, try mountain biking and horse riding. The region has plenty of nature trails waiting to be explored by the budding outdoor enthusiasts.

It pays to do some research about the tour operator before booking a Piedmont wine tour or any Italy tour for that matter. That way, you can ensure that you are picking an experienced and credible operator that will guarantee a worthwhile vacation.