An Italian vacation always makes for a memorable experience, but your holiday can be even more memorable if you travel with the whole family. Some will say that bringing kids to an Italian vacation isn’t the wisest thing because they are (supposedly) too young to appreciate anything. Perhaps that’s true if you join a generic guided tour. Your kids will definitely get bored listening to a tour guide and walking in a queue with 50 other holidaymakers. However, if you opt for Italy family vacation packages that are tailored specifically for your group’s unique preferences, then your kids will be in for a treat.

The best Italy family vacation packages are customizable, which means you get to choose which activities to partake in, which places to visit, and what to do based on your and your kids’ interests. There’s something for every member of the family to enjoy when you choose the custom route. If you happen to travel during the winter, you and the family can engage in winter sports in the Italian Alps. Love to ramble? You can enjoy walking tours of different cities, explore the ancient castles in Val D’Aosta, and many more. Italy family vacation packages can even include a trip to the Roman Gladiator School.

A side trip to Sicily can put you face-to-face with Mt. Etna, the largest active European volcano. The kids will enjoy horseback riding or biking through the rolling countryside of Tuscany. Love to cook as a family? Your vacation package can be tailored to include pizza making, Neapolitan style.

Indeed, there are plenty of things to do and places to explore in Italy, and you can enjoy them all when you choose Italy family vacation packages. Sit down with the family, decide on the perfect activities, and then book your package for a truly remarkable and memorable holiday.