Italy Tours – Experience the Best of Italy by Picking the Best Private Tour

Italy may be a small country, but it’s filled with endless travel possibilities that make tour planning equally exciting and challenging. A perennial holiday destination, Italy remains to be one of the most sought-after places to visit in Europe. There isn’t one way to enjoy all that Italy has to offer and trying to compress everything in one trip is no way to experience the country’s beauty. The best way to go about planning a private tour to Italy is to choose your absolute favorites and then resolve to return for more.

Hopping across major cities to hit up tourist must-sees is a great introduction to Italy. Florence, Rome, and Venice along with Milan and the Amalfi Coast are all great places to explore if you want a classic Italian experience. However, there are so much more to discover and experience outside of these major towns.

The bulk of the country’s tourism is in its northern region, although southern towns are also well worth exploring, especially Naples and the Amalfi Coast. To the north of the capital is Tuscany, which is a large region known for towns like Pisa, Siena, Florence, and the wine country of Chianti. The Italian Riviera borders Tuscany to the north and west and is a great place to visit if you want adventures in the northern coast. Cinque Terre is a beautiful region to include in your tour itinerary, if you want great adventures in the Italian Riviera. Venice and Milan in the far north lie close to the towering peaks of the Alps, making them perfect bases for all kinds of Alpine adventures.

If you’ve already swept through the northern towns, planning a tour of the southern half of the country is also a great way to see another side of Italy. Apart from Naples and the Amalfi Coast, southern Italy is home to Sicily, which lies right at the bottom of the country.