Know More About the Special Attractions in Sicily Through the Private Tours in Sicily

Sicily, the largest of Italy’s many Islands, is a popular tropical destination that is a home to some of the world’s most legendary cuisine, a rich history and colorful culture, and pristine beaches. There are many ways to get around this beautiful island using various private tours in Sicily available for booking either from online sources or via travel agencies that have physical offices around Italy.

There are fishing and diving tours that let you experience Sicily’s majestic waters. There are also guided Sicily motorcycle tours for adept riders who want to add the exciting roads and sights of this part of Italy to their list of conquests. For foodies, there are enogastronomic island tours, and those who crave for a unique adventure can take a challenging Sicily off the beaten path tour. Lastly, there are plenty of Sicily art and history tours that can take you to the works of the greatest Italian artists and the rich memorabilia of ancient and historical events in Italy.

Catania and Palermo are two of the most popular towns in Sicily. If you want to explore them in comfort and style, talk to a luxury travel agency about an itinerary that includes these two destinations. Some of the noteworthiest activities to do when in Catania and Palermo are the following:

  • See the famous Piazza del Duomo. This is one of the most visited places in the world. It is a UNESCO heritage site that is home to some of the most famous cathedrals and baptisteries.
  • Visit the Roman Ruins and the bath areas of ancient Catania.
  • Head to Taormina, which offers a grand view of the sea and the famous Naxos gardens.
  • Explore the Cyclops Islets. This group of small islands is a treat for followers of mythical stories.
  • See the Levanzo and Egadi Islands Cave Drawings, which are said to be 13,000 years old.

See the amazing sights and sounds of Sicily when you sign up for a luxury private tour. Everything will be arranged for you—just show up and enjoy your relaxing holiday.