Learn the Secrets of Fine Italian Cooking on Exclusive Culinary Tours of Italy

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If you love food and wine, you will want to experience genuine Italian cuisine at least once in your lifetime. This doesn’t mean planning the itinerary and the trip by yourself. There are exclusive and luxurious culinary tours in Italy that are customizable to suit your exact needs and travel goals.

Carefully curated and planned culinary tours eliminate the guesswork involved in planning your cooking trip. So, you can enjoy your gastronomic holiday in the famous food and wine regions, such as Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Apulia, Langhe, and Asti-Monferrato. An Italy culinary tour is also an opportunity to discover and experience the culture and history of those areas along with the secrets of fine Italian cooking.

Why go to Italy for a culinary tour?

Modern epicureans and gourmands prefer culinary tours in Italy because the country has some of the best in the world. You’ll discover one-of-a-kind aperitifs, wines, and regional dishes unique to every location. You can’t go wrong with combining food and wine for a feel of romance, too. That’s why discerning couples also prefer exclusive cooking tours in Italy for a truly romantic and unique experience.

Things to expect

Every region in Italy is diverse, with its own unique culture and culinary features based on history and geography. Exploring every culinary region on your own can be daunting, and you may miss out on noteable experiences, too. Be sure to book your luxury Italy culinary tour with local expert guides to take you through medieval cities, villages, and towns and the sweeping vistas of every region. The professional guides will also provide insights and information into each place you visit, show the one-of-a-kind landmarks, and lead you to off-the-beaten paths for enjoyable adventures not available to the regular tourist.

Culinary tour packages to suit your taste

Do you want to try the hearty and rich cuisine of Bologna? Or do you want to sample Piedmont’s well-bodied wines and fine delicacies? No matter what you crave, culinary tours in Italy can be customized to suit your exact preferences.

Your luxury culinary vacation combines delicious food and wine with enlightening and informative tours of landmarks in every region you visit. You’re in for an enjoyable and educational experience as you sample the unique offers of every area. Your Italy culinary tour can include destinations like Po Valley, Venice, Tuscany, Sicily, and the Amalfi Coast.

A diverse selection of food and wine tours in every region

Exclusive cooking tours in Italy will allow you to experience the most crucial food and wine regions of Europe. Here are some of the tours and experiences you can consider booking:

Venice and Verona

A wine tour of Alto Adige and Veneto will take you through some of the top wine bars, wineries, and cantinas in small medieval cities, which have been around since the 16th century. Your itinerary includes the Euganean Hills, olive oil museums, and local restaurants. You will also experience breathtaking scenes like Lake Garda to learn about Custoza wine and its origins.

Rome and Amalfi Coast

When in Rome, culinary tours that feature delicious snacks, seasonal food, local pasta and pizza, and gelato are sure to delight you. Your Italy culinary tour will also take you to the Amalfi Coast to sample the best olive oils and discover the secrets of Mozzarella cheese. Along the way, discover Southern Italy’s wines as you tour Capri and Sorrento.

The Art Cities