Make Your Holidays Relaxing and Enjoyable by Opting for Tours of Southern Italy and Sicily

Vacationers who want to take in the history, culture and wonder of Italy without all the hustle and bustle of Rome may find setting a course for Southern Italy and Sicily suits them perfectly. This distinct part of the country enables guests to enjoy an entirely different pace as they take in some of the county’s most famous geographical, historic and cultural destinations. Tours of Southern Italy and Sicily that are staged by private tour operators ensure guests get to see and experience the wonders without any of the inconveniences associated with other travel options.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Southern Italy and Sicily appeal to discerning travelers who simply want to enjoy a relaxing experience as they take in the sites, savor the cuisine and explore the countryside:

  • The coastline – Trips to Southern Italy are most assuredly “beach vacations” with all the associated relaxation benefits included. Southern Italy is home to the world-famous Amalfi Coast. Here tourists can soak up the sun on a beach, go on cruising tours, take part in water sports and enjoy other outdoors activities. This region is also famed for its picturesque fishing villages, majestic cliffs and stunning turquoise waters.
  • The historic regions – Southern Italy is home to such regions as Sardinia, Sicily, Puglia and Campania. Vacationers who opt for tours to this part of the country can visit these regions, take in their distinct historic and cultural sites and even sample the cuisine and wines that set each apart from the other.
  • The draws of Sicily – Sicily tugs at the heartstrings of many visitors to Italy simply because of old family roots. Visitors here with Italian ancestors may be able to explore the very villages in which their great grandparents, grandparents or even parents grew up.
  • The adventure – The ruggedness of Southern Italy makes it a perfect destination for travelers who want to spice up their trips with a little adventure. Hiking and biking tours, for example, can help people take in more of the breathtaking landscape than they might otherwise see. High adventure can also be had on coastal waters.

Southern Italy and Sicily make exceptional destination choices for travelers who want to relax while learning more about the culture and history of this great land. From its historic towns to its stunning coastline, this part of the country is a treasure worth discovering.