Sicily and Sardinia are two of the largest islands in the Italian Mediterranean—islands that set the stage for great tours and adventures. Tours of Sicily and Sardinia are gaining much popularity as more and more people discover the islands’ secrets—a.k.a. their perfect beaches, charming villages, and incredible food.

Sicily places its visitors right in the heart of the Mediterranean. Its major draws include ancient ruins, charming small villages, and grand cities that are steeped in culture and history. While it is the beautiful beaches that draw tourists in, Sicily’s soulful air is what keeps people coming back. Palermo, the island’s capital is a city with a characteristic vibe and attitude. Behind its fast-paced and chaotic façade is a quiet history that can be traced through the crumbling walls of its ancient architecture. Tours of Sicily and Sardinia lead visitors to incredible island discoveries ranging from World Heritage sites to ancient ruins, and even more gorgeous beaches. Some of Sicily’s highlights include the energetic city of Catania with its marble buildings and grand towers, the hilltop Taormina, and the charming Syracuse and its impressive archaeological park.

Nearby Sardinia is also well worth visiting not only for its spectacular waters and sprawling white sand beaches, but for its rugged trails, majestic mountains, and awe-inspiring Roman ruins. The island capital of Cagliari is beautifully positioned right in a curved bay to the south of the island. This trendy city may give off a cosmopolitan vibe, but behind this façade is a rich and deep history, evident in its centuries-old buildings and churches as well as its well-curated museums that are filled with ancient artifacts and memorabilia from ages past. Some of the main tourist highlights on the island include the port town of Alghero and its underground satellite caves, the medieval town of Castelsardo, and the nearby Maddalena archipelago.