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There is nothing quite as tasty as a glass of Chianti. This wine is loved around the world for its flavor, body, and scent. Why not see where it is made? A Chianti wine tour can help you to do just that. This can be an exciting way to see Italy and the regions that are so important to the wine industry in Italy.

What Can You Expect?

A Chianti wine tour is sure to take you into the Tuscan wine region where these quite unique grapes are grown. Often called the Bordeaux of Italy, the area is known for its floral and spicy grape notes. You will be able to tour the vineyards and sample some of the regions of options. A private tour can help you to see it all.

There is more to this type of tour. You can explore the Tuscan region for much more. It is home to a number of medieval towns. You can explore the incredible rolling hills and natural terrain. You may also want to explore the food that is so well versed in this area. There is no doubt that Tuscany has something to offer in terms of art, history, and culture, too.

Are You Looking for a Unique Experience?

When the time comes to explore all of the options for an Italy tour, turn to Italy Luxury Tours. We are happy to help you to plan a luxury Chianti wine tour. Let us help you explore the options available to you.