The Charm of a Chianti Wine Tour

The Charm of a Chianti Wine Tour

A Chianti wine tour is an exceptional way to spend your time in Italy. Chianti is one brand or type of wine produced in the Tuscan region of the country. You may hear it called the Bordeaux of Italy – and that is because it is a fine quality wine with incredible flavor and a very distinct taste. Taking a tour of this region gives you access to the vineyards and the region surrounding it.

What You Can Expect

During your Chianti wine tour, you will get to embrace the culture and history of this region. Tuscany is home to medieval towns, beautiful, sweeping views of the countryside, and numerous architecturally historic regions. You can visit local businesses, sample the very best meals, and explore some of the traditions that are so much a part of life here.

A lot of the charm of Tuscany is the medieval components here, but there are also luxury areas and numerous ways to relax and unwind. You can explore the Impruneta and the San Casciano Hills. You will get to learn the old ways of handcrafting everything from the wine itself to the food this region is well-loved for. Take a step back into the history of this country with a Chianti wine tour.

Sip Wine with Our Planned Tours

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