Tours to Exciting Places in Umbria for the Most Enjoyable Time with Your Families

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When you think of visiting Italy, you might consider going to well-known places like Rome, Tuscany, or even Venice. But the Italian peninsula is rife with so many unexplored surprises. A journey through Umbria could be just what you need to uncover something entirely new. Don’t miss out and embark on a luxury Umbria tour.

Getting to know Umbria

Umbria is more low-key than other places in Italy, but that’s what makes it charming. This central Italian region hosted just 2 million foreign visitors in 2017—a much smaller number compared to Venice, Rome, or Milan. This lack of popularity among tourists could be attributed to Umbria’s size. It’s the smallest region in Italy and only a third of Tuscany’s land mass. Moreover, Umbria is landlocked, making it the only Italian region without a coastline.

All this said, Umbria is definitely worth visiting. In fact, if you truly want to see the real Italy, then you need to get to know this region. Known as Italy’s “Green Heart,” Umbria is a beautifully agricultural area that is surrounded by picturesque valleys and nature’s unseen treasures.

Little-known reasons to go on an Umbria tour with your loved ones

  • Stay away from crowds

One of the best things about visiting Umbria is that you never have to deal with too many tourists. Even during the peak seasons, Umbria is relatively less crowded than cities like Venice or Florence.

Because of this, you can explore the region to your heart’s content. An Umbria tour is perfect for travelers who seek a little peace, allowing you to stay disconnected and completely immersed in the culture.

It’s best for you to visit Umbria during the spring or autumn to avoid the summer heat.

  • Stay close to big cities.

Some tourists may find more comfort in being close to the city, and luckily, going to Umbria will not take that opportunity away from you. This landlocked area is bordered by its much larger neighbors, Tuscany, Lazio, Abruzzo, and Emilia-Romagna.

So, if you want to explore the metro before a soul-searching excursion surrounded by nature, why not book a package trip to Tuscany and Umbria? During this trip, you will be able to explore historic cities like Florence and San Gimignano, slowly moving on to tiny towns like Spoleto and Spello.

  • Become one with nature.

Umbria is known as Italy’s green heart for a reason. This beautiful region is filled with lush green views everywhere, stretching from the Umbrian Valley to the Tiber Valley.

Cascata delle Marmore, or the Marmore Falls, is one natural landmark you would not want to miss. These gorgeous waterfalls in the heart of Italy were made by the ancient Romans, towering at the height of over 165 meters, making them the tallest manmade waterfalls in the world.

Moreover, don’t pass up the chance to visit Monte Subasio. This majestic mountain is part of the Apennine Mountain range, sitting in the province of Perugia. Mount Subasio’s slopes also serve as home to ancient towns like Assisi and Spello.

  • Explore ancient towns

Speaking of ancient towns, why don’t you take this opportunity to dig a little deeper into Umbria’s rich history? The region may be small, but it is filled with charming towns and villages, each with its own story.

Spoleto is one of Umbria’s most famous cities, found in the foothills of the Apennines. You will discover numerous historical gems, such as the Duomo, decorated by colorful frescoes, and the Ponte delle Torri, a 13th-century aqueduct.

Orvieto and Bagnoregio are also two of Umbria’s most characteristic villages. In Orvieto, you can bask in the countryside, taking in the sight and smell of lush olive groves and vineyards. Meanwhile, Bagnoregio is an ancient Etruscan town that overlooks the river Tiber and is lined by dizzying, narrow streets.

Finally, spend a day exploring Montefalco, Spello, and Bevagna. These quaint and charming Umbrian towns boast stunning panoramic views of the region and are home to ancient Roman structures.

  • Enrich your mind

Umbria, like the rest of Italy, has a rich, unforgettable history. Every ancient building has a story for you to discover, and you can learn more about it by visiting the local museums. The Duomo Museum, for example, boasts a unique collection ranging from archaeological artifacts to jewelry and Italian masterpieces. Meanwhile, the Civic Museum in Palazzo Eroli houses artworks like the Annunciation by Gozzoli and the Incoronation of the Virgin by Ghirlandaio.

You can also take a trip to the past by strolling around Umbria’s old towns and seeing landmarks like Piazza Arringo, Palazzo dell’Arengo, and the Crypt of S. Emidio up close.

  • Satisfy your cravings

It doesn’t matter if you choose to go to a big city like Rome or a hidden town like Spoleto—the food in Italy will always be good. Umbria is not any different from any other Italian region when it comes to its cuisine, which is heavily inspired by its fertile lands and fresh produce.

Truffles may be a rare and expensive treat back home, but in Umbria, they’re the highlight of many dishes. You can go to the walled town of Norcia for a unique truffle hunting experience, heightening your senses and stimulating your appetite with the smell of freshly picked truffles.

Of course, your Italian vacation would not be complete without tasting selected local meats and cheeses. Pecorino and Caciotta cheeses are a timeless combination in Umbrian cuisine, widely loved for their simple yet bold flavors. You can enjoy them with a glass of wine and a serving of savory, hand-cut prosciutto.


Are you ready to look at Italy from a brand-new perspective? Explore the country’s green heart and book a luxury Umbria tour as soon as possible. You can plan a package trip with the help of trusted tour operators, ensuring that your holiday proceeds smoothly and comfortably.

Lastly, don’t forget to choose a travel operator certified by the IATA and CLIA. This way, you can enjoy a fully planned trip with premium services, such as custom-designed excursions, professional local guides, porterage, and private transportation.