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Umbria: The Lung and Pulsating Heart of Italy

Umbria is a region in Central Italy neighboring with the regions of Le Marche, Tuscany, Rome and Lazio. It almost neighbors the Emilia-Romagna and Abruzzo regions, coming from its central placement and probably the region that is in the most middle of Italy.

Umbria is widely known as Italy’s green heart, since it offers amazing local cuisine, medieval hill towns as well as foraged truffles and wines.

Private Tours to Perugia, Umbria Tours

Perugia is the regional capital of Umbria and a historical place of the medieval architecture. The tours to Perugia always offer a view on the amazing site of Palazzo del Priori which is a house of the National Gallery in Umbria (Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria). Perugia is also known for its wide and pedestrian street of Corso Vannucci as the main focus of its city life. apart from that, Perugia offers a sight on the famous:

  • Palazzo dei Priori, a historical building and a seat of the first citizens (the ‘priori’ in Italian) and Corso Vannucci
  • The Perugia Cathedral, a stunning cathedral in the heart of Perugia
  • Collegio del Cambio, the seat of the guild built between 1452 and 1457, known for the start of the bank industry and the exchange marketplace in Italy
  • San Domenico, a basilica church with a Baroque staircase dating back to 1304

Nature Tours in Umbria

The wildlife in Umbria is known for its great presence, coming from the fact that Umbria as the green heart of Italy has a lot of unspoiled nature and inaccessible slopes. The woodland includes wild boar, deer, and many other wild animals in which hunting is permitted especially during the winter months.

The flora of Umbria is yet another remarkable experience, with the famous Orchids from Umbria which can be seen growing by the side of the roads as well as colorful images even in the middle of the winter, with strawberry trees and orange persimmons serving as a pleasant visual relief to every traveler.

Umbria’s unspoiled beauty also offers other valuable experiences and tours to:

  • The Marmore’s Falls (Cascata delle Marmore)- the amazing waterfalls in Italy made by the ancient Romans with a total height of 165m (541 feet), making them one of the most remarkable nature sights in the region and Italy
  • Eremo delle Carceri, a small hermitage and a historical village in the middle of a deep forest in the Province of Perugia
  • Monte Subasio, a mountain of the Apennines in the province of Perugia, with slopes that feature the ancient towns of Assisi and Spello as well as the pink colored famous stones used for many Franciscan buildings and natural parks

Unique private tours in Umbria

Some of the best ways to experience Umbria at its best is through these destinations with a Private Day Tour to:

  • Assisi, best known as the birthplace of St. Francis, who was a patron saint of Italy and founder of the Franciscan order, born in a pale that is now an exceptional medieval town with well-preserved architecture
  • Gubbio, a town located in the province of Perugia and known for its soft and warm welcoming atmosphere through the medieval scenery in forms of monuments and buildings
  • Spoleto, a city based on a foothill on the Apennines, rich with medieval architecture influenced by the historic times of ancient Italy and known for its fresh air and peaceful experiences
  • Orvieto, a charming town situated on a butte of volcanic tuff yet flat summit, making it a town that is a thousand feet above the valley yet still not a mountain hillside place, filled with cathedrals and breathtaking landscapes
  • Norcia for a Truffle Hunting tour, also known as the Norcina truffle hunt experience that is proven to enhance the gastronomical culture and appreciate the aroma of the truffle in combination with many foods
  • Lake Trasimeno, a peaceful and quiet lake offering a lots of accommodation units including hotels and villas, camping houses, apartments etc. and located amidst beds of reeds and water lilies
  • Spello, an ancient town and commune in the province of Perugia situated on a spur of the Subasio Mountain offering lively nightlife, restaurants and hotels
  • Bevagna, a central part of the province of Perugia and a town with many Roman temple and theatre ruins along with preserved churches and buildings from the 12th and 13th century

Wine tasting tours in the Torgiano Wine Country and Lungarotti Wine Museum

The private wine tasting tours and package holidays to Umbria can get another dimension with the introduction of the Wine Museum of Torgiano which is a completely specialized museum to the culture of wine, placed in a vivid area of wine production. The ethnographic, artistic and archeological appeal of this museum has given it the form of today’s, in which wine is a priority not only for the benefits and its taste but also as a cultural product of Umbria.

The private wine tours to the Lungarotti Wine Museum also show how wine is made through the traditional techniques and wine cycle used in Umbria. From tools to crafts, pottery and thematic divisions, one thing is certain – a wine tour in Torgiano and Lungarotti will make sure to leave the mark of great wine to your every expectation.

The most popular tours in Umbria deliver the nature of Italy in its best form, including the amazing slopes of the Apennines and the traditional culture found in the local villages and parks within Umbria, the ‘heart of Italy’. Don’t forget to indulge in the Umbrian cuisine and take a private wine tour to Torgiano Wine Country and Lungarotti Wine Museum. With package holidays to Umbria and Umbria tours, you can experience the best that Italy has to offer.


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