Taste the Truffles and Wines of Piedmont

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The perfect holiday option for those looking to indulge in nature, culture, and great wining and dining experiences, Piedmont tours should be on top of your things to do in Italy. A gem of a region in northwest Italy, Piedmont is not to be missed, especially when you are visiting the country for an authentic dining and wining experience.

Piedmont’s rich soil makes it one of the best regions for growing grapes for winemaking. This is exactly what makes the region so famous when it comes to wineries. Piedmont wine tours offer you a glimpse of how some of the most world-renowned labels are produced. The region is home to big name wineries like Barolo, Barbaresco, Alba, and Asti, to name but a few.

Apart from wines, however, Piedmont has plenty more to be excited about, including its rich nature. If you are into outdoor adventures and hiking, Piedmont is definitely a great place to visit as it is surrounded by superb nature with many hidden hiking paths that you can take on if you are up for some spontaneous nature tripping and truffle hunting. Piedmont and the rest of Turin has a great abundance of truffles, which many foodies crave and seek after in their favorite Italian and pasta dishes.

When you are not sampling wines or going on a great truffle hunt, historic Piedmont tours are also worth taking. The Piedmont region, just like the rest of Italy, is steeped in history. Once the capital of Italy and a major proponent of the Roman Empire, Piedmont served home to quite a number of emperors and kings from kingdoms past, many of which left a great deal of exciting artifacts that serve as excellent reminders of the region’s colorful past. Piedmont’s castles, churches, and ancient walls are living museums that tell of exciting stories from centuries ago.