Why Take an Italy Cinque Terre Tour?

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For those planning a trip to Italy, it can be quite difficult to know where to visit and what to see, especially if this is your first trip. An Italy Cinque Terre tour can be the experience you are looking for if you want a luxurious community with stunning amenities and a picturesque backdrop. Why should you choose this location?

What Does Cinque Terre Have to Offer?

There are many benefits to exploring with an Italy Cinque Terre tour. This is a centuries-old community located right on the waterfront. It has a very rugged, alluring coastline within the Italian Riviera. As you approach the city, you will notice that there are rows of colorfully painted homes sitting along the steep terraces and the harbor itself. Older-style boats dot the coast, and fishing boats still work through the waters here.

There are five total towns in this area, each with their own unique appeal and each worth exploring. You are sure to enjoy some of the most tempting experiences here from beautiful markets to boat trips. There are plenty of waterfront activities to enjoy here, including beaches and boating. You can also learn about the history of the area, sample local favorite foods, and even hike the trails that link the villages to each other.

Explore Italy Up Close with Us

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