Experience the Faces of Puglia, Italy

Puglia is one of those less-traveled regions in Italy, making it attractive for holidaymakers who want to avoid crowded tourist traps. It promises beauty and grandeur you won’t find anywhere. If you’re yearning for a meaningful and relaxing vacation, then this is the destination for you. Book a wine tour in Puglia with a reputable travel agency to make your stay even better. You surely fall in love with this place as you experience its different faces.

Scenic countryside

Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot, is a farming region and home to baroque towns, fine beaches, old wineries, trullo houses, and Alberobello, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The charms of this countryside never fail to captivate the visiting outsiders. It boasts plenty of scenic destination for nature lovers such as Gargano National Park, The Tremiti Islands, and Umbra Forest.

Various activities

The Gargano peninsula offers all kinds of activities for travelers. Here, you can hike, swim, and explore the area’s diverse wildlife. You can also trek to the caves as well as visit the medieval towns and historic sites. In Bari, you can go on a guided walking tour to Basilica di San Nicola and listen to age-old legends while learning about the region’s history. After that, you can head to Corso Cavour to start your souvenir shopping.

Incredible cuisine

Culinary tours are among the most recommended things to do in Puglia. Aside from enjoying the unique experience of eating inside cave restaurants, you can also taste all kinds of appetizing dishes that are hard to replicate elsewhere. Most of the restaurants here have age-old recipes that were passed down by their ancestors. Aside from pasta, homemade bread is another favorite in this region. They are made using wood-burning ovens that make them taste better.

Friendly locals

Perhaps what will really make your stay in Puglia truly memorable are the locals who welcome you like family. They seem to be always wearing their friendly smiles as they serve you and share their history and tradition with you.