The Amalfi Coast

La Dolce Vita started in Rome but still enjoyed on The Amalfi Coast

Campania is one of the most popular regions in Italy, constantly being visited by millions of travelers every year. There are four main reasons for the popularity of the tours to Campania.

First reason is Sorrento and The Amalfi Coast, the amazing pearls of Italy and most luxurious places to spend a holiday in with its divining beaches and scenery.

The second one is the Pompeii, the famous Roman town that gets a place in every history book. The tours to Pompeii offer a stunning experience of the town destroyed by Vesuvius and sitting on layers of ash.

Then there is the capital of the region: Napoli or Naples, which offers vibrant cultural scenery of museums, art galleries and night life.

Ultimately, the fourth main reason to visit Campania is the mythical Island of Capri, where you can visit the village of Anacapri, Villa San Michele, Villa Jovis and take a boat cruise to The Blue Grotto.

Tours to Naples (Napoli)

The city of Napoli which is known as Naples to the English speakers is a fascinating city with great history. It started off as a Greek settlement and now spreads around the Bay of Naples with both newer and older parts of the town. The tours to Napoli always take a grasp of the old town as well as the main touristic attractions such as the Teatro San Carlo, The Opera House in Naples (a World Heritage Site by UNESCO) as well as the glorious church Basilica di San Lorenzo Maggiore featured with an amazing architectural example of Gothic style.

Tours to Pompeii

Every visitor to Campania must book a tour to Pompeii and get to see the world-famous Roman town which was destroyed by the volcano Vesuvius’ eruption in year 79 AD, and rediscovered afterwards in 1599. The tours to Pompeii include amazing artworks and buildings preserved under the layers of ash. Also, tours to Pompeii include the bodies of people and animals preserved in the ash and still seen lying in the spot where they died, which is a fantastic experience for every adventurer.

Tours to Sorrento and the Sorrento Peninsula

Set one hour away from Naples, Sorrento offers the most delicate locations for exclusive private luxury tours. Its location on a ledge between mountains and the Mediterranean sea speaks for itself and the huge number of tourists attending the most popular tours to Sorrento and the Sorrento Peninsula, which is surrounded by lemon and olive trees.. For thousandths of years Sorrento has been the prime choice destination for VIP and dignitaries ranging from Roman Emperors to modern celebrities. For thousandths of years Sorrento has been the prime choice destination for VIP and dignitaries ranging from Roman Emperors to modern celebrities.

Tours to the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast brings the best of the Italian style and luxury.. Amalfi’s hillside architecture scenery as well as the crystal clear waters and beaches covers the best of the coastline. One of the favorite attractions on the Amalfi Coast are the group of tours too Positano, a special city with amazing colored houses, great food and a pebbled beach. Other amazing places to explore on the Amalfi Coast include day trips and private luxury tours too Ravello, a special stretch of coastline and one of the most fabulous villages in Italy bursting with historic and unique beauty, amazing beaches and glistening panoramas. The vibrant nightlife also make the luxury tours to Ravello, a favorite destination for the crowds from Napoli, Pompeii, Capri, Sorrento etc.

The main town of Amalfi, on the other side, dates back to the historic Roman times in which it enjoyed great and prosperous history due to its magnificent geographical position. The maritime success and the private luxury tours to Amalfi were a trending activity since then, and certainly continued to be – as nowadays, the town of Amalfi is an important attraction for tourist and future husbands and wives exploring the cobbled streets and soaking up in the lively atmosphere.

Tours to Capri Island

Campania tours also cover a trip to Capri, the modern pearl off the coast of Sorrento and one of the most beautiful islands in the world. With amazing paths and routes around the islands, the tours to Capri offer great views to both Naples and the Bay of Naples. The tours to the Monte Solara make this scenery present to real-life and give a rare appeal of an island with the best Italian charm. Capri is probably one of the most popular islands in Italy offering boasting beautiful beaches, clean waters and amazing resorts, but also tours to historic villages and lively natural scenery, all taking place in Capri. Places of interest on Capri are: Villa San Michele, Villa Tiberius (Villa Jovis), the village of Anacapri and Monte Solara, the private boat tour through the Blue Grotto by the famous Faraglioni.

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